This is a curated database of articles that is intended to help those new to linguistics (particularly students) find scholars and methods, which might inform their own work. The database includes both more quantitatively driven research, as well as research that is qualitative. The articles have been selected for their range of topics, as well as their relative approachability. (And if you have not read many research articles, you might check this out.) The database is by no means comprehensive. And I would encourage students to use any articles that they find compelling as a jumping off point to read more from those scholars, as well as whom they cite and who cites them (which is easily done in Google Scholar). If you have any suggestions, please let me know here.


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Performing blackness, forming whiteness: Linguistic minstrelsy in Hollywood film 2011 Bucholtz, Mary, and Qiuana Lopez Journal of Sociolinguistics screen media, gender, ethnicity link
Pittsburghese shirts: Commodification and the enregisterment of an urban dialect 2009 Johnstone, Barbara American Speech attitudes link
Politics and the German language: Testing Orwell's hypothesis using the Google N-Gram corpus 2016 Caruana-Galizia, Paul Digital Scholarship in the Humanities corpus linguistics, history link
Print and the female voice: Representations of women's crime in London 2010 Shoemaker, Robert B. Gender & History corpus linguistics, law, history link
Qualification and certainty in L1 and L2 students' writing 1997 Hyland, Ken, and John Milton Journal of Second Language Writing corpus linguistics, academic writing link
Says who? Teaching and questioning the rules of grammar 2009 Curzan, Anne PMLA academic writing, attitudes link
Smoke and mirrors: Event patterns in the discourse structure of a romance novel 1999 Ryder, Mary Ellen Journal of pragmatics literature, gender link
So sick or so cool? The language of youth on the internet 2016 Tagliamonte, Sali A. Language in Society corpus linguistics, CMC link
So weird; so cool; so innovative: The use of intensifiers in the television series Friends 2005 Tagliamonte, Sali, and Chris Roberts American Speech screen media, history link
Stance and engagement: A model of interaction in academic discourse 2005 Hyland, Ken Discourse Studies corpus linguistics, academic writing link