This is a curated database of articles that is intended to help those new to linguistics (particularly students) find scholars and methods, which might inform their own work. The database includes both more quantitatively driven research, as well as research that is qualitative. The articles have been selected for their range of topics, as well as their relative approachability. (And if you have not read many research articles, you might check this out.) The database is by no means comprehensive. And I would encourage students to use any articles that they find compelling as a jumping off point to read more from those scholars, as well as whom they cite and who cites them (which is easily done in Google Scholar). If you have any suggestions, please let me know here.


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TitleYearAuthor/InstitutionJournalKey WordsLink
Language and African Americans: Movin on up a lil higher 2004 Smitherman, Geneva Journal of English Linguistics attitudes, policy, ethnicity link
Language and linguistics on trial: Hearing Rachel Jeantel (and other vernacular speakers) in the courtroom and beyond 2016 Rickford, John R., Sharese King Language law, gender, ethnicity link
Language ideology and racial inequality: Competing functions of Spanish in an Anglo-owned Mexican restaurant 2006 Barrett, Rusty Language in Society attitudes, ethnicity link
Like and language ideology: Disentangling fact from fiction 2007 D'Arcy, Alexandra American Speech gender link
Linguistic ruin? LOL! Instant messaging and teen language 2008 Tagliamonte, Sali A., and Derek Denis American Speech corpus linguistics, CMC link
Male youth talk in the construction of black lesbian identities 2014 Maribe, Tebogo, and Heather Brookes Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies gender, ethnicity link
Mock Ebonics: Linguistic racism in parodies of Ebonics on the Internet 1999 Ronkin, Maggie, and Helen E. Karn Journal of Sociolinguistics CMC, ethnicity link
Of women, bitches, chickens and vixens: Animal metaphors for women in English and Spanish 2009 Rodriguez, Irene Lopez Cultura, Lenguaje y Representación gender link
On some serious next millennium rap ishhh Pharoahe Monch, hip hop poetics, and the internal rhymes of internal affairs 2003 Alim, H. Samy Journal of English Linguistics literature link
Perceptual and phonetic experiments on American English dialect identification 1999 Purnell, Thomas, William Idsardi, and John Baugh Journal Of Language And Social Psychology law, attitudes, policy, ethnicity link