This is a curated database of articles that is intended to help those new to linguistics (particularly students) find scholars and methods, which might inform their own work. The database includes both more quantitatively driven research, as well as research that is qualitative. The articles have been selected for their range of topics, as well as their relative approachability. (And if you have not read many research articles, you might check this out.) The database is by no means comprehensive. And I would encourage students to use any articles that they find compelling as a jumping off point to read more from those scholars, as well as whom they cite and who cites them (which is easily done in Google Scholar). If you have any suggestions, please let me know here.


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TitleYearAuthor/InstitutionJournalKey WordsLink
Dude 2004 Kiesling, Scott F. American Speech gender link
Fighting words: a corpus analysis of gender representations in sports reportage 2013 Aull, Laura L., and David West Brown Corpora corpus linguistics, news, gender link
First things first, I'm the realest: Linguistic appropriation, white privilege, and the hip‐hop persona of Iggy Azalea 2015 Eberhardt, Maeve, and Kara Freeman Journal of Sociolinguistics literature, ethnicity link
Five visions of America 1986 Preston, Dennis R. Language in Society attitudes link
Ideologies of legitimate mockery: Margaret Cho's revoicings of mock Asian 2004 Chun, Elaine W. Pragmatics attitudes, ethnicity link
Increasing negativity of age stereotypes across 200 years: Evidence from a database of 400 million words 2015 Ng, Reuben, et al. PloS One corpus linguistics, history link
Ironic blackness as masculine cool: Asian American language and authenticity on YouTube 2013 Chun, Elaine W. Applied Linguistics screen media, gender, ethnicity link
Katrina that bitch! Hegemonic representations of women's sexuality on Hurricane Katrina souvenir t‐shirts 2011 Macomber, Kris, Christine Mallinson, and Elizabeth Seale The Journal of Popular Culture gender link
Keyness: Words, parts-of-speech and semantic categories in the character-talk of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet 2009 Culpeper, Jonathan International Journal of Corpus Linguistics corpus linguistics, literature link
Keywords and frequent phrases of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice: A corpus-stylistic analysis 2009 Fischer-Starcke, Bettina International Journal of Corpus Linguistics corpus linguistics, literature, gender link