This is a curated database of articles that is intended to help those new to linguistics (particularly students) find scholars and methods, which might inform their own work. The database includes both more quantitatively driven research, as well as research that is qualitative. The articles have been selected for their range of topics, as well as their relative approachability. (And if you have not read many research articles, you might check this out.) The database is by no means comprehensive. And I would encourage students to use any articles that they find compelling as a jumping off point to read more from those scholars, as well as whom they cite and who cites them (which is easily done in Google Scholar). If you have any suggestions, please let me know here.


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A case for corpus stylistics: Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale 2011 Mahlberg, Michaela, and Dan McIntyre English Text Construction corpus linguistics, literature link
A useful methodological synergy? Combining critical discourse analysis and corpus linguistics to examine discourses of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK press 2008 Baker, Paul, et al Discourse & Society corpus linguistics, news, ethnicity link
Analyzing the writing of English learners: A functional approach 2007 Schleppegrell, Mary J., and Ann L. Go Language Arts academic writing link
Another effing euphemism 1999 Adams, Michael American Speech history link
Are 'queers' really 'queer'? Language, identity and same-sex desire in a South African online community 2013 Milani, Tommaso M. Discourse & Society corpus linguistics, CMC, gender link
Burned, dwelled, dreamed: The evolution of a morphological Americanism and the role of prescriptive grammar writing 2014 Anderwald, Lieselotte American Speech corpus linguistics, history link
Challenging stereotypes about academic writing: Complexity, elaboration, explicitness 2010 Biber, Douglas, and Bethany Gray Journal of English for Academic Purposes corpus linguistics, academic writing link
Criminally minded: The stylistics of justification in contemporary American crime fiction 2003 Gregoriou, Christiana Style literature link
Curvy, hunky, kinky: Using corpora as tools for critical analysis 2010 Caldas-Coulthard, Carmen Rosa, and Rosamund Moon Discourse & Society corpus linguistics, news, gender link
Do academics really write this way? A corpus investigation of moves and templates in "They Say/I Say" 2016 Lancaster, Zak College Composition and Communication corpus linguistics, academic writing link