A Twitter Post

I came across an interesting use of Twitter as a modifier in an article in the New York Times. In describing a proposed development of some very small apartments in San Francisco, the article states:

Opponents of the legislation have even taken to derisively calling the micro-units “Twitter apartments.”

Of course the process by which brand names become common nouns or verbs is well-known: frisbee, xerox, band-aid, kleenex, hoover, google, etc. It is possible that this is the leading of edge of a similar semantic shift whereby Twitter becomes a modifier meaning “very small” or “tiny.” I tried to find similar uses of Twitter but had no success. I first tried checking common nouns that collocate with tiny (apartment by the way is the 8th most frequent collocate). Kitchen and house seem likely possibilities, but I have yet to find any constructions in which Twitter kitchen means tiny kitchen, for example. As of yet, this use of Twitter appears to be an isolated neologism.